We’re grateful for the wonderful feedback we have received from residents and their loved ones over the years, like the testimonial below. We welcome you to come and visit McHenry Villa and experience first-hand why life is so special at our senior living community!

I wanted to take time to make sure you were aware of the outstanding service we have received in choosing and transitioning our Aunt Sue to the McHenry Villa in McHenry, Illinois. The positive experience was in a large part due to the professionalism and warmth of Stephanie Sheckler, who we met with originally. We were looking for a new home for our aunt who has no other family to depend upon, and was located in Sarasota, Florida. We toured numerous facilities in the Crystal Lake area and were led to the Villa from “A Place For Mom.” Stephanie met us initially, answered our questions, and provided information, as did Jaime, the [executive] director. She followed up with a hand written note and facilitated several phone calls as we made our decision and transitioned our aunt. However, our greatest sense of gratitude comes from the personalization with which she met and transitioned our aunt after a 3-day car ride from Florida with my husband as she walked in “sight unseen” to her new home. Stephanie used her kindness, empathy, competence and understanding of “seniors” to make Sue’s first evening feel safe and welcoming. We also applaud Shelly, the new marketing director for assisting Stephanie in this process.

We know that Aunt Sue will have ups and downs in her transition to McHenry Villa. We also know that the initial impression counts. Please know that our experience was positive due largely to Stephanie’s efforts. We are hopeful that both Stephanie and Aunt Sue will remain and thrive at the facility.

Thank you for providing a safe, affordable, and respectful facility for people in their senior years like our Aunt Sue. We may be there some day!

On a personal note, my husband and I are both retired school superintendents. We understand what it takes to “run a place” and keep people happy. We also know that administrators do not often hear about the “good ones,” This is why we are sending you this email. It was not solicited in any way and I asked for your contact information.


Dr. Jill and Dr. Brad H.